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Renee Zamora

Called to Serve

Have you ever thought of serving a mission for the LDS Church? Are you unable to because of age, health, family concerns, job - oh just about anything? Well the Church is now trying a different approach to serving missions. You can now go on a Service Mission and stay in the comfort of your own home, even stay in your jammies with big pink fluffy slippers on if you wish.

The other day I spoke with Jason R. Bowden from the Family and Church History Department, he is the Mission Coordinator, and they are looking for you? They need about 600 to 1,000 worthy souls to serve from there own homes. They are gearing up for the all the neat changes taking place on "new FamilySearch". You can be anywhere in the world and serve.

Part-Time Church Service Missionaries Needed
Family and Church History Department - Worldwide Support Services

Interested in the new FamilySearch?
Church Service Missionaries provide e-mail and phone support for beta testers and new FamilySearch users answering questions on family history products, programs, and services. Missionaries will be beta testers and will receive training on answering questions from other users. Missionaries can offer e-mail and phone support from their own homes!

Availability: Between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.; 4 hour increments, 8-32 hours per week preferred. (I was told you can answer e-mails in the middle of the night, whenever your up and available.)

-Church Service Missionary call to be extended from bishop and stake president
-Home PC minimum; 256MB RAM, Pentium III, Windows XP (Mac Users Welcome)
-Broadband (DSL, Cable) Internet connection

Skills: Good understanding of PCs and troubleshooting skills; strong communication skills; experience in using family history products (IGI, PAF, Temple Ready, FamilySearch, etc.); previous experience as a ward consultant, family history center director or staff member, or as an extraction program director or worker is helpful.

For more information contact: Jason R. Bowden, Family and Church History Department, Missionary Coordinator, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, 3 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84150; 801-240-1036 or bowdenjr@ldschurch.org

For details about opportunities: Go to http://www.lds.org, click on "Other Resources", click on "Church-Service Missionary Opportunities", click on "Full-time" or "Part-time" opportunities, then click "Current Opportunities" to view the current bulletin.

Jason told me about their neat computer database that is available to all the service missionaries. This thing is huge and was created for the missionaries to get answers to all types of questions. You will not be in the dark or lost and alone if you are serving in this capacity. I think this is a fantastic opportunity, I'm rolling it over in my mind if I am ready and "Called to Serve", are You?

Update: If you are a Mac user you are needed also.
Renee Zamora

Family History Moment

I had one of those family history moment days. This will be one of those days I will always remember. I answered the telephone this morning to have my daughter Marie, crying into the phone. After realizing it was tears of joy I found out she had just received her mission call. Since she didn't know where we would be living when she put in her papers she had a friend receive it at their house. We had to hurry and pick up my daughter and rush to their house. Then in accordance with Marie's wishes, we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We had to stand on the compass with the map of the world on it. We all huddled around as she opened and then read her mission call. She was called to serve in the Independence, Missouri Mission. She leaves for the MTC on August 2nd. I think when I counted it was 57 days away. It will just be no time at all and she will be gone. Wow, my little girl has grown up. Things will never be the same in this family. I remember when my brothers went on their missions - it wasn't long before everyone went this way and that. It was really hard for us to be all together at the same time and even get a family photo taken. Thats one of the things we have to do before Marie leaves - get new family photos.

I don't know if this is for her mission or if every mission is doing this, but she needs to fill out a four generation pedigree and have some stories of her ancestors to share. I think I will make her hunt for the answers and not just give her the pedigree. Well I guess she does already have that information. I will think of something family historyish for her to do. Wow - coolness, life is great!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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