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Renee Zamora

I Wonder Who Will Invent This?

I've been spending all my spare time working on getting dates for everyone in my database. I have been pleased that I haven't had to do much estimating. I stopped for a break and just read this excellent article "Finding Joy in Temple and Family History Work". It's very uplifting and reminds me of why I am doing all this work.

As I've been coming across other's genealogy work on the internet and taking benefit of the dates and places and histories they have on people a little thought keeps coming into my mind. Wouldn't it be wonderful to somehow link all these loose ends together. I've been sending little post-ems to people letting them know further information on individuals but it's getting too time consuming. It would be nice to magically link them up to the info and just keep linking everyone back up to each other. Then I realized I was thinking of just what the LDS Church is planning to do with "new FamilySearch". Creating a world family tree.

Now "new FamilySearch" will link all the individuals together that are in the Church's multiple database, i.e. IGI, Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, Misc. Temple Files, etc. But what I'm thinking would be wonderful is to also link individuals that are on Rootsweb/Ancestry.com, GenCircles and all the personal websites out there. Just go around creating little links and have my database go out and find them all again later. Or even have others find the links I have created. Don't know if I am explaining what I am envisioning here or not. But I would like to see some world wide linking tool for all genealogist out there. I wonder who will invent it? It seem whenever I envision something it's just around the corner. Well it's a thought. Sure can see the benefits of a world family tree now. Better get back to work.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
Renee Zamora

New Family History Page on LDS.org

I thought this news worthy of a reprint. It's from LDSFHCConsultants Mailing List. I believe the submitter is the manager of the really neat website "Family History Sharing Ideas" http://www.snapwood.com/familyhistory/ which when I went to the site it is no longer available. If anyone knows what happened to it let me know?

Exciting news!
A new Family History page has been added to http://www.lds.org. This new page provides information to priesthood leaders on how to administer family history in stakes and wards. The page includes links to online training lessons and links to talks and articles by General Authorities on the blessings of family history.

To see this new Family History page: Go to: http://www.lds.org on the Internet
Choose: "Serving in the Church http://www.lds.org/pa/welcome/0,17827,5235-1,00.html
Choose: "More Callings/Programs" Choose: "Family History" http://www.lds.org/pa/display/0,17884,6684-1,00.html

I decided to compare this new page on lds.org with the new beta version of lds.org http://www.beta.lds.org I couldn't find the same page. I did find this page
http://beta.lds.org/portal/site/LDSOrg/menuitem.4210663075e4845344d5ff63e44916a0/?vgnextoid=76bd3f7719605010VgnVCM1000004e94610aRCRD&vgnextfmt=tab6&sourceId=85a60bbce1d98010VgnVCM1000004d82620a____&contentLocale=0 with a link to a couple of the same articles. I guess the beta version isn't as current as lds.org. If you are able to find it on the new beta version of lds.org let me know.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
Renee Zamora

Beta LDS.org

If you feel so inclined than mowzie on over to http://beta.lds.org. This is a beta test for a new redesign of lds.org.

Here is what the Church says about it:

PUBLIC INVITED TO GIVE FEEDBACK ON NEW LDS.ORG - http://www.lds.org/news/0,5014,5014-,00.html
New look, new features, same feel. The Church has released the redesigned LDS.org in beta form. The test is available to the public at http://beta.lds.org, and members are invited to review the site and give feedback before the Church replaces the existing LDS.org with the new site later this summer.

They also have a PDF on the new redesign http://www.lds.org/pdf/Whats_New_LDSORG.pdf

Here is what they say about FamilySearch:

FamilySearch.org is the Church's site for genealogical research and family history work. It is the world's largest free genealogical Web site, with online access to billions of birth, marriage, death, and other genealogical records. It has over a million registered users. Many enhancements are being built for FamilySearch.

Now is that an understatement or what - many new enhancements? I would say - now lets see the beta on that one!

Open, Open, Open!

I recently saw calculations (FHCNET) on the projected storage capacity for the "new FamilySearch" as 18 petabytes at a cost of $8,100,000.00. What is a petabyte? Well, after gigabyte there are terabytes then petabytes. The Library of Congress has 20 terabytes of text - so we are talking lots of space here - fantastic numbers. This is no small undertaking.

Looks like the Church has lots of beta tests going on all over the place. We all know which ones I'm interested in!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
Renee Zamora

Why am I doing this?

I’ve finished the coding of my database and can now see how I am related to everyone in it, done with that project and on to the next. I started working on my old database I recovered from my 1993, 5 ¼” disks. (long story) I have been comparing it to my current database, looking for any notes and individuals that were previously lost to me. While I’ve been working on it a thought keeps coming through my mind “Why am I doing this?”

Since I am great company all by myself I started to answer that question. First I realized the need for this stuff in my old database, but no, that wasn’t what I was looking for I needed to explore things deeper. Why was I really spending all this time and effort on this thing we call genealogy. Why can I not put it down and leave it alone? I wanted to know why I am really doing all this. So I thought I would take the time and share with you the reason I do genealogy in the first place. Collapse )
Renee Zamora

Beta 2 Confirmation on Family Tree Volunteers

I just had it confirmed by the Church that there is no longer a need for Family Tree Beta 2 volunteers that are family history enthusiasts. If you are an enthusiasts and participated in Beta 1 you will get an invite to Beta 2. They have more than enough enthusiasts from Beta 1 rolling over to fit their needs for Beta 2. So if you are thinking of signing up through UVPAFUG to get an invitation it will not work. Sorry, but no invites are coming through them. There is no longer any need for more volunteers in the enthusiast category.

There is still a need for volunteers to test the system that have no genealogy experience at all. So, if you have a spouse, sibling, friend that is LDS that has not significantly participated in family history work they are wanted. They will have to take a survey to see if they qualify. They need to not have used a family history software program such as PAF or Legacy in the past. They should not of previously submitted names to the temple or visited a family history center. In other words no previous genealogy experience is required! The Church really wants these "greenies" to family history to help test the system. After all it needs to be user friendly for them.

So if your out of luck for beta 2 try to get a greenie with no previous genealogy experience to agree to participate in beta 2. Since Family Tree has a section called "Sign in to Help Someone Else" your greenie could use that to sign in for you. You would still be able to look at and play with the system. A word of caution your greenie could not give you their Sign-in information and let you use it. They must physically log onto the system with their id and then click the link to sign in and help you. This is a beta test and the Church is capturing keystrokes and will know if something is amiss. So find a greenie to genealogy, that fits the criteria, and shoot me an email with their name and email address and I will try to sign them up. I have a few more slots open. If you have been a beta 1 tester and have some invites you could share, to let greenies sign up, let me know.

So remember the greener the better for beta 2.
Renee Zamora

Family Tree Beta 1 Conference Call

I just got off an hour long conference call on Beta 1 of Family Tree. There are bugs that need to be worked out but overall the system is going good. We feel like kids in a toy store. Hopefully it won't take too long to implement some of the changes we would like to see.

The time frames I was given is two more weeks of Beta 1. Then they shut down for a little while to tweak some changes. Then Beta 2 will begin. If your already in Beta 1 you will automatically be in Beta 2. Which was nice to hear because I really like participating in this testing phase.

I can already surmise your next question, and the answer is No. They have no idea how long between Beta 1 shuts down to the start of Beta 2. They have to see how long the changes will take. I'll let you know when I know.

Gotta go now and work on some new genealogy I found! Yippee!!! Just love finding new relatives. See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.

Beta 2 Volunteers for Family Tree

I was able to attend the monthly meeting of the Utah Valley PAF User Group (UVPAFUG) where Brad Christensen the Manager over the Product Managers spoke to us on FamilySearch's new Family Tree. I took the minutes and still have to transcribe them but here are the answers to some questions people have asked me about Family Tree.

1. Are they taking beta testers? If they are how do I sign up? Collapse )
Renee Zamora

FamilySearch's New Feature Family Tree

New Family Tree
By Renee Zamora

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a private viewing of FamilySearch’s new feature Family Tree. On 29 Dec. 2005 beta testing officially began, which I am happily now a beta tester.

Like all of the LDS’ undertakings this new feature was designed for LDS members to help them do temple work for their deceased ancestors. It just so happens that everyone else benefits from their efforts. Family Tree will have a gradual release. It will be rolled out by temple districts. If you are interested in finding out what temple districts are, and what temples are for; you can find information on it at http://www.lds.org under temples.

We have all experienced the frustrations of the current FamilySearch website at http://www.familysearch.org. You have the International Genealogical Index (IGI), Ancestral File (AF) and Pedigree Resource File (PRF). Some of the problems are the lack of being able to make corrections, additions, merges or link-up those records. With FamilySearch’s new feature, Family Tree, those problems have now been addressed.Collapse )

Renee Zamora

FamilySearch's new Family Tree

I am so excited. An email came tonight letting me start beta testing FamilySearch's new Family Tree. It's a program that will change the whole FamilySearch website. It's funny I had just settled down after all the Christmas rush and started to transcribe my minutes from the personal presentation I had on the new system, at the beginning of December. I have to have my article on this new system proof-read and approved by the Director of LDS Church's Family History and Church History before it can be released. I just thought this heads up on the process would be ok. I'll let you know more about the program when I get the go-ahead signal.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

Hearts of the Children

It's 3 a.m. and I have just woken up and can't sleep. So many good genealogy things have been happening to me lately. Not only have I found several new cousins with lots of genealogy information to share; I have also found a child very interested in genealogy.

My daughter Marie has been so bitten by the genealogy bug that now she is "converting" her friends to do genealogy. Yesterday while she was working on her genealogy a friend came over to visit. Marie sat there the whole time working on her genealogy and practically ignored her friend. Every time I came into her room to answer some genealogy question I would pat her on the head and tell her friend she's just like her mother!

The other day Marie had me hurry home from shopping so I could teach one of her friends genealogy. The friend came with supplies in hand, all the records her parents gave her and the data on 5 1/2" disks. We tried to go to the FHC to convert the disks but the library closed early. So now that's on my to-do list. Thank goodness I know how and where to convert the disks.

My daughter is working on our royalty lines. Something I had lost when my discs went bad several years ago. I didn't feel the need to restore that information. Now Marie has taken up the torch and is recreating those lines. She has been working hard on the information. Even going on-line to find histories of her ancestors and pictures of painting and statues of them. It's all very fascinating.

It's just wonderful to see one of your children so bitten by the genealogy bug. I wonder if my father felt that way with me taking up the family genealogy after him? It's a beautiful sight to see the hearts of the children turn to their fathers and the hearts of the fathers turn to their children. (Malachi 4:6) I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present than that.

Well I'll see you tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!