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Renee Zamora

Phone Interview Form

Here's another free form created by Susan D. Slade Grossl. It is a Phone Interview Form. Susan came up with this on her own, after trying to read her notes scribbled all over a piece of paper. She keeps about ten of these at her genealogy desk in case of phone calls. Then she will file it in her binder. Contact me at zamora05@hotmail.com if you want a RTF version.
Renee Zamora

Research Form

I'm sure if you do genealogy you have the same draw to office supplies that I do. I would much rather spend time at Staples or Office Max than go clothes shopping. If you hear the word about a new genealogy form you just have to see it, have it, use it. "IT" is all you think about. Well I just found an "IT". This form was given to me by Susan D. Slade Grossl on my GEN-NEWBIE mailing list. Someone there wanted a Research form and didn't want to reinvent the wheel if one already existed. Well Susan offered hers and I just had to have one. You get the picture here. Well I just love this form and I know I will put it to good use.

Susan told me she developed it from a mix of ideas she has gotten along the way. She combined two or three other forms for doing family genealogy into this one form. It's two pages long but it's just what I need. I love putting everything into one place. I have this Research form available as a PDF for you. If you want it as a RTF document I can send it to you. Just email me at zamora05@hotmail.com and tell me you want the Research form.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!