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Renee Zamora

The Book of Life

Since I've been working on my old file trying to capture all the "lost" information and comparing and restoring it to my new file, I've had a chance to do a lot of thinking.

Today I wish to share with you an experience I had probably around 1992. I had been given some manuscripts William Kenneth Harris had written on the genealogies of the Harris family. He was now older and could no longer do genealogy. He was very pleased that I would take over the task and promised to some day have the materials printed up for people, or at least make them available. Isn't this the hope of any genealogist?Collapse )
Renee Zamora

Why am I doing this?

I’ve finished the coding of my database and can now see how I am related to everyone in it, done with that project and on to the next. I started working on my old database I recovered from my 1993, 5 ¼” disks. (long story) I have been comparing it to my current database, looking for any notes and individuals that were previously lost to me. While I’ve been working on it a thought keeps coming through my mind “Why am I doing this?”

Since I am great company all by myself I started to answer that question. First I realized the need for this stuff in my old database, but no, that wasn’t what I was looking for I needed to explore things deeper. Why was I really spending all this time and effort on this thing we call genealogy. Why can I not put it down and leave it alone? I wanted to know why I am really doing all this. So I thought I would take the time and share with you the reason I do genealogy in the first place. Collapse )