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Renee's Genealogy Blog has Relocated

Renee's Genealogy Blog was originally created 19 Sep 2005 on LiveJournal. While creating a class on Blogs and Blog Readers I determined that Google Blogger was the way to go. So, after 200 articles and major frustration (with LiveJournal that is) effective 8 June 2007 Renee's Genealogy Blog has been relocated.

This older version of "Renee's Genealogy Blog" will no longer be updated.

I have placed both a feed and a link to the posts made on this older version of "Renee Genealogy Blog" at my new location. I am hoping to find a way to transfer my old posts into a usable format onto my new blog site. If you want a complete listing of all my previous blog articles, posted on LiveJournal, please go to
If you want to make life easy for yourself you could just visit (my main website) and find links to all my blogs there.

To continue to watch Renee's genealogy road of progress, areas of current research, findings, articles written, updates, and other items of interest please go to the new location of Renee's Genealogy Blog.

Renee's Genealogy Blog is also available on Atom Feed.

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See ya tomorrow, (on the new site) for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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