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Evaluators Needed for the New Website

I received the following email from FamilySearch Support of the LDS Church today. They are looking for volunteers to beta test future versions of "new FamilySearch". You do not need to be LDS to volunteer. They are trying new and innovative technologies on this site. You can see some of the upcoming technology at their site at If you wish to sign up please follow the directions given in their email. If you send me your request I won't be able to sign you up. As always you can leave comments about this post on my blog.

Renee Zamora

Request for Family History Consultants to Find Evaluators for the New Website

The FamilySearch evaluation team in the Family and Church History department invites you to help us find English-speaking individuals who can help evaluate the new website. We need to contact individuals interested in family history, including you, but ESPECIALLY those new and inexperienced in family history to spend an hour of their time. We will be testing new and future design ideas not seen on the current beta version of the website.

Since those who naturally enjoy family history work will likely be the type of person to volunteer, we ask a special effort be made to invite individuals you know that are new to family history or are inexperienced. We need them to help determine if the website is clear and easy to use.

Please email the letter below to your family, friends and LDS Church members over age 18. You may also post the letter in your Church building or family history center.

We appreciate your willingness to help. If you have any questions please send an email to the address below.

FamilySearch Evaluation Team

Family and Church History Department

Email this letter to those who may be interested in evaluating the new FamilySearch:

Dear LDS Church Members and Friends,

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is developing a new version of the website. This new website will help members identify ancestors, link them to families, and provide temple ordinances for them.

Can you volunteer an hour of time to help evaluate this new website? Do you know someone else who might be interested? We need feedback to make the final website as easy and enjoyable to use as possible. We are especially interested in feedback from individuals who are new to family history work.

Anyone over age 18 interested in participating in this evaluation should go to:

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. We greatly value your time and opinion.


FamilySearch Evaluation Team

Family and Church History Department

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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