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Interesting Feedback from Ancestry

The other day I wrote the following thank you note to Ancestry.

I wanted to thank you for allowing the LDS Church Family History Centers to have so long for free in their Centers. I am sorry you are limiting access now. But I am grateful for the information I was able to get there while I could. I hope that you will reconsider reducing the cost of purchasing a subscription now that you will have more people buying their own subscriptions.

Renee Zamora
American Fork, UT

I received the following email back from

Subject: FHC

Dear Renee,

We appreciate your message.

We understand your desire to have inside your Family History Center. At this point we are not set up to engage in negotiations with individual centers. We remain hopeful there is still a broad agreement that can be reached with the Church."

Also, we have had a couple of FHC's wondering if they can sign up with a personal customer account to use at their centers. The answer is no.

Our subscriptions are designed for individual purchase and use. Sharing the user name and password for such a subscription is a violation of those terms and conditions, and publication of a user name and password in a public setting would be a material breach of the contract under which the subscription was purchased.

If there is anything else with which we might assist you, please let us know.

Family History Center Support
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