Renee (rzamor1) wrote,

GenealogyBank free until Tues, 13 Feb 2007

I wasn't able to attend the St. George Genealogy Jamboree this year, but Don Snow sent me the following information.

This morning at the St. George Genealogy Jamboree Tom Kemp of announced that the site is free for anyone from now until Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007 and he said we could spread the word as far as we wanted. The site has loads of stuff on it, old newspapers, the largest obituary collection on the Internet, books, Government documents related to genealogy, and lots more. It's geared to U.S., not international, and is really a worthwhile site.

Here's the address and log in info:

Click on login. You will see two boxes. Enter the following information:
Password: GenBank4U

BTW, he also said that if anyone wants to sign up for it to do it via Holly Hansen's website since that gives a $10 discount ($80 vs $90 per year). But tell people to try it out for free this weekend and until Tuesday.

Thanks Don, I have really been wanting to give that site a try.

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