Renee (rzamor1) wrote,

HP & Staples

Last Christmas Santa gave me a HP Scanjet 4370. I was so excited about it up until a couple of months ago. My scanner gave up the ghost and was dead. I called Hewlett Packard and was routed to some place in India. At least I think it was India because I could hardly understand a word they said to me. That is the one accent I have such a hard time understanding. Anyways, I was told that my HP Scanner only had a 90 day warranty. I was just out of luck. I can't tell you how upset I was over loosing my scanner when it wasn't that old.

This morning I finally felt well enough to get up and look at my warranty on the scanner and low and behold I discovered that in Latin America the warranty is 90 days, but in the USA it's 1 YEAR! I was not very happy with HP's customer support. If I hadn't looked at my warranty now it would of run out pretty soon and I would of been major ticked off. I decided since HP's customer service stinks that I would contact the store that I originally purchased it from - Staples.

I called Staples and asked for the manager. I told the manager, Phil, that I was really upset not with Staples but with Hewlett Packard. I told him my story and how I really did have a warranty on the item but didn't want to go through HP - could he help me. COULD HE HELP ME! Boy did he. He advised me to come down to the store with the scanner. If I was willing to purchase an extended warranty on the scanner that died he would refund my money. Then I could buy a new one and purchase another extended warranty on that if I wanted. He said this isn't the normal way to do this but he would help me out.

I excitedly went down to Staples. Phil was at lunch but he was nice enough to tell the Assistant Store Manager the situation. This nice fellow told me that my warranties would pay for themselves. I didn't quit understand how that could be. I gave him my receipt for the old one. That scanner cost $99. I bought the extended warranty for $10. He credited me the money on the scanner and then rang up the purchase on the new scanner, same model, but now on sale for $59. I then purchased an extended 3 year warranty on the new scanner for $25. When all was said and done Staples owed me $5.00. My husband grabbed a soda and candy bar and I picked up a package of cool pens. I now owed Staples .48 cents. I call that a deal.

Not only do I once again have a scanner, that's now brand new, but it also has a 3 year warranty. This was a very successful transaction. I was very lucky to find such a nice store manager. I have learned my lesson on the need to purchase in-store extended warranties. I never want to call HP's customer service again.

Let me tell you I just love and adorn Staples all the more now. I have never had such great customer service in my life! They made a loyal customer out of me. Well I'm off to hook up my scanner and be back in business.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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