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UVPAFUG Meeting Notes

I'm not sure how many of you know it but I'm the Secretary for the Utah Valley PAF Users Group (UVPAFUG). Last Thursday we had an Executive Meeting and I thought I would share with you some notes, new websites and programs you might be interested in.

1. This months meeting 13 May the presenter will be Dallan Quass on Using Wiki’sFor Genealogical Research. He will be showing us his website I'm not sure if I can make that meeting because hopefully I will be moving. (Pray for me!) The nice thing is they make a video/DVD of the presentation that I can watch later. If you ever want to borrow or purchase a DVD for the group you need to be a member, the cost is $10.00 for an electronic membership. You can go to our website and see a list of what we offer.

2. Screen Hunter Free This program will help you screen capture websites, really nice if you want to make a slide presentation afterwards. This program will create jpg images out of the screen captures. Now if you want to capture the whole screen and not have to scroll down you can use HTTracker freeware. This will capture the HTML and you can use your browser to view off line.

3. Soundex converter online -

4. If your looking for older version of software go to

5. Don and Diane Snow continue to work on their website It contains the membership of early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Really nice site if you have LDS ancestors. I don't have any LDS ancestors but I have cousin that were. It's been fun finding how I'm connected to at least some pioneers.

6. - helpful search engine that categorizes hits for you.

7. - free magnifying glass used on FHL computers. I use this one it's great.

8. - helpful list of ambiguous places. I haven't looked at this but need to give it a try.

9. - helpful free program to find and delete duplicate files on your computer

10. Kip Sperry and Susan Easton-Black's Family History Seminar at the Homestead in Midway, UT in November

11. Smith's Food King in Provo has the flexible (roll-up) keyboards on sale for $9.00. I went and bought one, I don't have a laptop yet but I just had to get this keyboard it's so cool. As you can gather really great if you want a full size keyboard for your laptop. I gave it to my son, even a teenager likes it.

12. The LDS Church has several beta tests going on. One is the Pedigree Resource File on DVD's. They send the beta testers a new DVD each month. The latest one had 5 million names on it.

13. We are thinking the beta test for new FamilySearch is in a couple of weeks. They are already sending out emails from the Research Forum and they are scheduled to begin one week before the new FamilySearch (Family Tree) part begins.

Well I hope something here has been useful to you.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.
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