April 6th, 2007

Renee Zamora

Temporarily Suspended Access to FamilySearch

"Your access to FamilySearch.org has been temporarily suspended. Your computer or a computer at your location has sent a large volume of requests to FamilySearch.org and as a result access to FamilySearch.org from this location has been temporarily suspended. Usually the suspension occurs when a computer uses software to automate requesting information from FamilySearch.org from any computer in your location. If this message appears again, contact the vendor who sold you your software to obtain the latest release."

Several days ago I received the above message from FamilySearch.org. Now that I see discussions regarding it going around on the mailing lists I belong to, I thought I would tell you what I learned.

I called Family History Support (1-866-406-1830) and told them of this message. At the time I was looking at the 1880 census. I had my Legacy program up but wasn't searching the IGI with it. Was my program "secretly" accessing FamilySearch.org in the background? Something I highly doubted. They reassured me that it had nothing to do with my Legacy program.

FamilySearch.org is going through growing pains and they have found that they don't have enough server space to handle the internet load. The system is bogging down and overloaded right now. They have engineers working right now on resolving this issue. They are testing and checking people that are heavy users, doing research on a certain number of names and limiting their access. They will be bumped off the system for about 15 minutes. They need to sign off and come back into FamilySearch.org to resume their searches. So people, even if you don't think you are a heavy user there is a time limit right now as to how long you can stay signed into the system. The representative didn't have a time frame or number of searches that will trigger this incident.

The message we are receiving is generic. It was first used when FamilySearch.org had problems with the system being overloaded with PAF Insight search requests. Changes were made as to how PAF Insight accessed and used FamilySearch.org. If you are a PAF Insight user and current on the updates released the program shouldn't be causing this type of problem. When IGI search features where introduced to the RootsMagic and Legacy programs the restrictions on access were already in place.

Bottom line just be patient while they go through the growing pains. The LDS Church is working on the issues. The are sorry for the inconvenience it is causing. No time frame was given as to when this issue will be resolved.
Renee Zamora

Beta 2 Tester Panic!

YIKES!!! I just learned that beta 2 testing of "new FamilySearch" is scheduled to shut down TODAY. I had heard Saturday. I was informed a few minutes ago that they don't have enough people working Saturday to do the shut down then. Oh, my gosh, I'm not ready to give it up. I need to do more testing of the system. I am in a beta 2 tester panic. FamilySearch please reconsider and shut down Monday!