April 1st, 2007

Renee Zamora

Better Glean What You Can Now BEFORE "new FamilySearch"

You know how you work on something and a while later you have gone down a totally different path and discover something new? Well I just did that.

I was looking on one of my favorite New York websites - http://www.genealogybuff.com/ny-glenfalls/. It lists obituaries found in the Glens Falls Post Star, in Warren County, NY. It's not a complete list but it's amazing what I will find there. After playing around for a long time I thought - Oh, I should look up my second cousin's wife Christine's obituary and see if it is there. Sadly she died young in 2000. Well lo and behold there was her obituary, even though she died in Salt Lake City, Utah. The extended family still lived in Warren Co., NY and had placed the obituary in the local paper.

Now what this did for me was resolve a question I had had about her. Since I was ill around the time she died I hadn't faithfully entered her information in my database. I really didn't want to call up my cousin now and say "When did your wife die and tell me all her personal info?" I'm sure it would of been a good bonding moment for cousins but I was a chicken about hitting a sore spot since he hasn't remarried yet. I was lucky that this part of my extended family had also joined the LDS Church. I had looked Christine up several months ago on the IGI and thought I had found her but it said she was born in Alaska. I hadn't heard that as part of her story so I wasn't sure if I had the right person. It told me her parent's names but I couldn't recall if that's what her parents names where or not. Unfortunately it didn't list a spouse's name on the IGI.

Since I just found her listed with her maiden and married name on the obituary website I though now I can confirm those dates with the IGI. Well yes it was a match so now I had all the info I wanted. But I thought let's see what "new FamilySearch" says about her record. Lo and behold I discovered her all alone with no parents, just a single individual. You see "new FamilySearch" protects living individuals information, since her parents and spouse are living they don't appear on her record. It made me realize that once "new FamilySearch" is in place all that lovely kind of recent information on parents and spouses will be gone. That's really sad I want that information, especially when determining if temple work needs to be done or not. I had been so busy earlier getting my database ready for upload to "new FamilySearch" I never thought of the information I needed to gather off the "old" FamilySearch before ALL living individuals information is suppressed. Makes you kind of think what else do I need to consider before "new FamilySearch" goes on line? Well I better get back to work and glean what I can, while I can.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!