February 10th, 2007

Renee Zamora

Multiple FamilySearch Beta Test Emails

Some of you that expressed interest in participating in the next round of beta testing of the "new FamilySearch" site might of received multiple invitations. The Church has had a problem with their invitation list and some individuals were sent multiple messages. If you have received the request to take the survey you only need to complete it once no matter how many times you receive the initiation. They have apologized for any difficulties this has caused you. We should be getting an update on the status of the beta testing shortly.

One word of note: Some of you might of signed up for more than one beta test. There is the beta test for the "Tree" portion of "new FamilySearch" and there is the "Research Forums" portion. So watch closely on which email you are receiving. I received two different types of emails and I am not sure which is for which. There is also a third beta test program called Family Finder that is coming up. I just need to get permission to write on it. I will let you know when I get more information to share.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.