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09 September 2006 @ 07:43 pm
I just finished putting dates on everyone in my database. In my August 9th article I predicted that it would take me 172 days to finish putting dates on the 3,084 individuals in my database with missing dates. Well I have been working day and night on this project and now it is finally completed. It also helped when I discovered many individuals had christening dates that I hadn't taken into consideration when I originally formed my focus group. Originally I was just searching for birth and/or death dates missing.

I acquired more family along the way of searching other's databases. I've gained 442 more individuals, making my database now contain 13,971 individuals. I could of added more but I put reference links in my notes where to find more children/parents. I really didn't want to add more to my database. I have enough individuals I am searching now to outlast my lifetime. I had some individuals in my database that made me wonder why I still had them, they belong to distant family spouses and are not blood related. I decided since they've been with me this long I might as well keep them. Some I didn't see anyone else have any information on them in their databases. Maybe someone, somewhere will find that information useful someday.

My feelings on doing all this is:

1. I am now ready to input my database into "new FamilySearch". OK, guys I now give you permission to release beta 2. (Hope that helps, hehe)

2. Everyone that I had to estimate a date I put "Est" and then the date. This helps me at a glance still determine where I still need to do research. I also put myself as the source of the information. This should help others researchers know where this information came from on my database. I share this database on my personal website, Rootsweb and GenCircles and hopefully soon on "new FamilySearch". I will also be very curious to see how quickly these "Est" dates will show up in other peoples databases.

3. I now benefit by having these estimated dates added to my information by having the ability to fully search everyone in my database for specific tasks. The main one will be creating focus groups for the census'. With these estimated dates I can determine who will be living during certain time frames. I can also determine who would of lived and served during different wars. The ability to created focus groups has really opened up endless research tasks.

4. I really didn't like the way WFT estimates dates. I'm not well versed in WFT but I assume estimating dates is one of its program features. The ranges it gives almost makes it worthless. I saw many estimating birth, marriage and death dates with wide ranges all interlapping each other. When I came across them in other people's databases I rarely used them. When I do searches on people I might use their 30 year or more range on an event but I wanted something more definite to start with.

Now I have to figure out what my next project is. I have several in mind.

1. Do a match merge on my database. I happily found many matches while doing this project. I know there must be some more out there.

2. Run Legacy's IGI Search function again on my entire database. It earlier didn't search these 3,000 individuals because I had no dates on them.

3. Start making focus groups of people to search during different census years. I want to start with the 1880 Census because it's free on FamilySearch. I currently don't have a subscription to Ancestry.com. I wonder why MyFamily.com hasn't called me to do the Usability Lab? That's how I get three free months subscription.

Well that's all I can think of for now. I guess I have some thinking to do here.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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