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05 August 2006 @ 07:58 pm
I've spent a full day with genealogy. This morning I had a visit from someone that is developing a new web-based genealogy program. He has done a very nice job. I look forward to giving more information about it sometime in the future. For now mums the word.

The interesting thing that came up is why I would have a hard time using a web-based program verses using a stand alone genealogy program. Now I thought that dilemma was worth exploring and getting your opinions on it. After all it's the same scenario we will have using "new FamilySearch".

I have a personal problem having grown up in the "personal genealogy program" era. This sharing and putting things out there for the whole world to work on has me kind of scared. You see I don't share well. Don't get me totally wrong I have no problem sharing what I have with everyone. (Just not the living, for obvious reasons.) I will give anyone my GEDCOM I welcome their opinions and desire to use it. So no problem with that concept of sharing. It's the receiving end that I have issues with. You see I started sweating bullets when I ever think of someone touching my database and adding their stuff to it. Hey, keep your hands off it's mine. See I don't share well, well maybe receive well from others.

I've gone to a lot of work making sure all my localities have four fields. I don't want someone adding their garbage and unverified localities to mine and messing things up. When I get someone's GEDCOM I have to make sure all that is cleaned up before it ever touches my stuff. Just don't want the contamination going on. Can you see me wearing the rubber gloves and mask here - that's my issue.

Then the other major issue is getting "unrelated" lines from others GEDCOMs that I don't want. I want all the descendants of our common ancestor but please don't give me their "unrelated" married spouses information. I've just gone through "coding" everyone in my database and how they relate to me. I did some major pruning of my database while doing that. I will take my uncle's spouses information but don't spend me her parents info. I will put their names in my notes field but not create a new individual for them. I just don't want to start going on a tangent looking and tracing someone else's line. I have way to much to do with mine. The other reason I don't want their information is because if they are in my database I will start feeling responsible for them and their temple work. I don't want to see them or even go worrying about them in that way. I guess I am a snob and just don't play well.

What does this mean to me? I have to get over some of my issues or the makers of these "world" genealogies are going to have to create something to make me happy. I'm already concerned about 3,000 people in my database with no dates that will show up as "living" when I submit my file to "new FamilySearch". I'm really curious how the stand alone genealogy programs like PAF, RootsMagic, FTM, and of course Legacy are going to start syncing to "new FamilySearch". When they sync am I going to loose my collateral lines like I did downloading GEDCOMs from Ancestral File or will it give me way to many people's lines that I don't consider I'm related too? I have to hand it to the programmers they really have their work cut out for them, after all they are dealing with people like me!

Now to be far their is something to be said for having "World" family trees, it's the ability to share research efforts. I really like the thoughts of my family seeing all the work I've done and then letting me coordinate some research tasks for them. This is the best part of those concepts. But how do you say who has to stop when and where?

Curious if you have concerns over using a "World-wide" family tree concept, or am I just some nut that doesn't share well?

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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