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Blogging just hasn't been a priority of late. Genealogy, well I have been doing that in between all my missionary-to-be projects. Wednesday is the big day, Marie goes into the MTC to begin her mission to Independence, Missouri. Yesterday I finally finished a 65 page 4 generation chart and histories for her. I was getting a little stressed in the end about finishing it. Of course, there is always more stories to add later. I think 65 pages is a pretty good start. I even put it in a notebook with sheet protectors and card stock dividers for her. It should last for 18 months.

Saturday we had our Open House for her and us. It was fun but I had way to much food let over. I guess I did get a little carried away making cookies. I sure hope we don't all get fat from eating the left-overs. Tomorrow is the crunch day, everything has to be finished. We pick up all her junk from where she is living and put it in our storage shed. I sure hope it all fits in there. I already know I have to pull everything out of the shed and re-organize it before we add her stuff. What a day that will be.

Today I started working at the FHC just around the block from me. I had a nice time helping a gentlemen find things. I directed him to Rootsweb and we found lots of people researching his line. I really like looking at people's submissions on Rootsweb. At least it usually current information and you have email addresses to contact the submitters. I know Pedigree Resource File is current but you usually only get LDS people working on those lines so it's a limited picture. There are a lot of non-LDS people doing genealogy and the place to find their records is Rootsweb. Ok, I know there is Ancestry but Rootsweb lets you look at all those records for free. Have I sold you on looking at Rootsweb yet?

I found something interesting on Rootsweb I hadn't done before. If I look at my own database there "rzamor1" in the index I can see who doesn't have any dates listed for them. (I'm trying to get estimated dates on everyone in my database.) Well if I click on a name I want to find more information on, I just scroll to the bottom of the page to the link "Search WorldConnect". This link will bring up all the other databases that are possible matches for my individual. I am actually searching Rootsweb WorldConnect for all databases with that individual in it. That is so cool and such a time saver to me, I don't have to fill out the search boxes for them anymore. I really found matches there. I am having just way to much fun on Rootsweb.

You know while I was doing this project, of finding a date/place for everyone in my database, I had to ask myself "Now why am I doing this?" I thought I would refresh your memories or why this is important information to have. Number one pressing on me, to find dates, is preparing for "new FamilySearch". Yes, right now I am glad that "new FamilySearch" isn't online. I need this time to get my records in order. You see if I submit my GEDCOM to "new FamilySearch" and people don't have dates listed they will automatically show up as "Living", even if their parents lived in the 1500s. I will be able to see their information but no one else will see information on these people. (I wrote an earlier article (before the name change) on "Getting Ready for FamilyTree" http://rzamor1.livejournal.com/2006/03/29/ that you might find interesting.)

I want to have my database ready for "new FamilySearch". That means having dates and if possible places for everyone in my database. My goal is to put my GEDCOM on "new FamilySearch" and then have my family members decide on who they want to take to the temple. If a person gets marked as living then they won't be able to take their names to the temple. Pretty simple concept just difficult at times to achieve. I have 3,084 individuals in my database with no event dates. That is a whole lot of people to compare records for and get some dates on. I am putting my own estimates when I can't find that anyone did so earlier. Each estimated date gets a source that tells that I am the one that estimated the date and what it was based on. I think that is very important documentation to have.

The one thing I am finding that when I compare other people records and make matches that their records also include more people that I want to add to my database, some with dates and some without. I don't know if I am adding to my current problem or solving it at times! Anyways I just keep plugging along trying to get this part of my project done. I wish you luck on yours.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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