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13 July 2006 @ 09:34 pm
Well, searching Legacy IGI Search results that is. Gottcha for a minute didn't I. This has been a major project with 8,931 Individuals searched. I can't believe that I have gotten through all the matches with over 252 MB of data. My whole database is only 33 MB. I started this project the 26th of April and after one house move it is finally done!!! I'm doing a little happy dance here.

What am I going to do now you ask? Well I think I need to regroup and clean up some localities that I imported. I am very picky and just have to have 4 levels of localities - in the right order. Legacy is really good at fixing all that. I also want to go through all 8,931 individuals and look at their other events. I might have duplicates or events out of order after combining some results information into my original database. Then I need to re-run my match-merge feature. I noticed some possible matches while I was doing this IGI search. (I should of wrote them down.) I might just have to go through the name index and just see who is a match because Legacy Match-Merge might not of caught them. I'll play around with that.

After all the clean up I need to look at all those people in my database without any estimated dates. I noticed that none of them showed up in the Legacy's IGI Search results. (No wonder!) That is going to take a while I'm sure. I can't forget that some had been found when I located the Martindale/Langworthy website in the beginning of June, after running the IGI searches. I have all that data to still compare. So of course after all this I will again need to run Legacy's IGI search results again. Then I think I will be ready to decide who to submit temple work for. That is the whole purpose after all!

I did notice that some of the temple dates (some without temple names) that I had in my database didn't come up in the IGI results. I wonder why that is? I thought all the older temple information was on the Internet IGI - isn't it current? I would take current to mean all the old stuff is there too? Question does that mean the work has been done or not? I don't have sources for my temple ordinances I can't tell you who I got it from, was it Ancestral File, older Family Group Sheets - I just don't know? I'm not really sure what to do about that. I guess that will be solved for good when we have the "new FamilySearch" to compare our records with. Then again will that just take my temple information I import and just plug it into their temple records? Questions, Questions, Questions

I also want to ponder over an idea I had. So I don't have some people continue to show up as incomplete ordinances, because I have no temple code, I need a code for work done for the living. Will Legacy let me create a new temple code? Or should I just estimate a place for a living ordinance? I also have the same problem with Child or BIC in the date field and nothing in the temple code field. Could I make a temple code for child? Do I even want to create such a thing? It might be good for my records and searches but how would that look to others? Maybe I need to address that with Legacy and see if they would recommend a code - maybe a MISC temple code. Boy I should of thought of MISC sooner then I could of used that when I had to estimate a temple when it wasn't listed. Live and learn. Any of your recommendations or feelings would be appreciated here.

In the mean time I need to take a little break and work on four generations histories for my daughter. She needs to take it to the MTC when she leaves on her mission August 2nd. It was only Sunday that I realized that meant a history on my husband and me - boy do I have my work caught out for me! I better get buzy - well started again that is.

Focus, Focus, Focus

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

P.S. After my online mutterings I found it possible to create a MISCE - Miscellaneous Temple code - now do I want to use it?
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