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11 June 2006 @ 08:28 pm
I know I had planned on working on Legacy IGI Searches results. I had every intention of finishing this project. THEN I did a http://www.clusty.com search. It's a search engine that organizes your search results for you. I searched for "Harrisena", the community I grew up in, and nearly everyone from there is a relative. Now I didn't want all the results from the Harrisena Church I just wanted to see if any new genealogy was floating around out there. And guess what? I found a treasure trove of genealogy. My results are found on this website http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hollywoof/. This very smart person put up a Legacy file of their whole database. (We are very liked minded) They didn't include the sources but I can tell they have done a lot of research. They had death dates with the exact hour and street addresses. That is unheard of. I emailed this "cousin" of mine and haven't heard back yet. Open, Open, Open!!

I am busy copying the info I need off the website. Wish they had a GEDCOM but then again I'm picky and would probably do it all by hand anyways. I can't wait to find out who this person is that did all this research. I think their name is Holly Gayle (Martindale) Langworthy, if that's the case she is my 7th cousin. Right at the beginning of the website it says: "Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. We hope you will benefit from the information we present here." At least they are saying the right things RESEARCH and DOCUMENTATION!

Can you tell I am in seventh heaven? It means I will have to run Legacy IGI Search again after all this but who cares. Things happen in the genealogy world and you have to move with it. Well I better get back to my gold mine - I'm rich today!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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