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08 June 2006 @ 07:13 pm
If you feel so inclined than mowzie on over to http://beta.lds.org. This is a beta test for a new redesign of lds.org.

Here is what the Church says about it:

PUBLIC INVITED TO GIVE FEEDBACK ON NEW LDS.ORG - http://www.lds.org/news/0,5014,5014-,00.html
New look, new features, same feel. The Church has released the redesigned LDS.org in beta form. The test is available to the public at http://beta.lds.org, and members are invited to review the site and give feedback before the Church replaces the existing LDS.org with the new site later this summer.

They also have a PDF on the new redesign http://www.lds.org/pdf/Whats_New_LDSORG.pdf

Here is what they say about FamilySearch:

FamilySearch.org is the Church's site for genealogical research and family history work. It is the world's largest free genealogical Web site, with online access to billions of birth, marriage, death, and other genealogical records. It has over a million registered users. Many enhancements are being built for FamilySearch.

Now is that an understatement or what - many new enhancements? I would say - now lets see the beta on that one!

Open, Open, Open!

I recently saw calculations (FHCNET) on the projected storage capacity for the "new FamilySearch" as 18 petabytes at a cost of $8,100,000.00. What is a petabyte? Well, after gigabyte there are terabytes then petabytes. The Library of Congress has 20 terabytes of text - so we are talking lots of space here - fantastic numbers. This is no small undertaking.

Looks like the Church has lots of beta tests going on all over the place. We all know which ones I'm interested in!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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