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28 May 2006 @ 11:39 pm
Well it's now week three of the big move. Ok, I didn't move very far but moving a whole household is a big job. I really thought I would be all done by now. We had a problem with the computer room. Is that a surprise or what? Did I tell ya it's the most important room in the WHOLE HOUSE! Of course it was everyone elses lowest priority. I sit now in the room with half my stuff in it. The important thing is the computer is set up and I am on the internet. I am hoping tomorrow is a nice sunny day and we can move the rest of the computer room over.

My utility room turned computer room is a lovely purple kind of lavendered color with a pretty wallpaper boarder that has tan, green and purple in it. I had a problem painting it both my daughter and my friend Teresa wanted to paint it. I had my daughter start painting it then she cut her finger and stopped painting. I came home to an unfinished room so I got out the paint brush and painted it. I was covered from head to foot in paint. Painting is not my thing. Who would of thought my friend Teresa would be miffed at me for not letting her paint the room. I had a major crises on my hands and it's my room. She came over and repainted it and felt better. It looked much better now but what drama! No one claimed the rights to the wallpaper and I got to do that. I am rather proud of that masterpiece.

I have a cream colored carpet. Oh, I thought that carpet would be the death of me. I purchased the carpet Friday, May 19th and was told it would be ready (bound) by Tuesday the 23rd. As it turned out the carpet guy didn't bring the carpet to the lady that cuts and bounds it until that WEDNESDAY. Then she got sick and I was told Friday I wouldn't have it until NEXT Tuesday. I'm afraid I totally wigged out and had a hissy fit. Needless to say I had my new carpet, cut and bound Saturday morning. Hey we are talking a desperate genealogist here. My husband and I came home Saturday to put the carpet down and it was 3 inches to big the whole length of the room. So we did the only logical thing - we cut it, problem fixed.

If you remember I was going to have my husband "build" a cheap computer "desk" for me. We went to Home Depot to get the lumber and had sticker shock. It was going to cost over $40.00 for the lumber and that wasn't including the plexi-glass top I wanted. Luckily Teresa and I had gone to my favorite store "Deseret Industries" earlier that day and saw a pretty table for $40.00 that was about 3-4 inches shorter than what I needed. After my reasoning came back to me at the lumber store my husband and I decided to race to DI before it closed to buy that table. I am now the proud owner of a lovely mahogany table with hunter green legs. It really goes nice with the wallpaper. It's not as deep as I wanted but I pulled the table out from the wall and put the older monitor right to the edge so the longer back would hang over and give me more space on the table. It seems to be working.

Last night I was desperate to get the internet up and running. I was such an beast to my poor son Garrett. I made him stop visiting with his friends to help me set up the wireless connection about 10 o'clock last night. We used to use cat 5 lines to connect to the DSL modem in the old house. I didn't want to run the lines around the house so I bought all this stuff to go wireless. Only to find out that my current DSL modem that says "Wireless Ready" on it was not really wireless ready. The stupid box needed some card in it to make it wireless - which of course they no longer make and I have to buy a whole new box. Which my local Radio Shack doesn't carry but I have to now wait to order from my provider on Tuesday because of the holiday.

Oh, while I was trying to figure out why I couldn't get the wireless system to work my provider transferred me to the Actiontec (the box) manufacturers support center. I couldn't believe it I was talking to people in India. I know it had to be India even though I asked them and they wouldn't answer my question. In fact the whole thing was so frustrating. The Indian accent is the only accent I simply cannot understand. I once had to change doctors because I simply couldn't understand my Indian doctor's accent. Give me a French, Polish, German or Spanish accent and I'm ok, but not one from someone from India. To make matters totally worse the support people don't communicate with you they give you pat scripted answers. Even continuing to talk while your asking them a question. I did a lot of screaming at them saying STOP, STOP, STOP. I need to ask you a question. Then we would go the rounds again with the scripts. I asked for a manager or supervisor and the person wouldn't even acknowledge my request until I had to keep saying STOP, STOP, STOP, listen to me, get me a manager. After 10 minutes I had a manager on the line who started in with the scripts again. But after my screaming for about 10 minutes saying STOP, STOP, STOP I need you to communicate with me, I have questions. She finally listened to me and tried to communicate with me. I tell you if that's what the future brings in outsourcing our tech support to foreign countries we are in for big trouble.

After about an hour on the phone I finally got the right model number for the wireless system I needed. It was then about 1:00 AM and I said to my poor son get the cat 5 lines and we ran the cables around the house. Thank goodness I had long enough cables! I was finally on the internet. I logged onto the computer and saw that I had almost 1,000 emails to read (not including junk mail) ok, it was 969 emails to be exact. It was about 2:00 AM and I said Enough, I called it quits and went to bed.

Now that brings us up to today - soon to be tomorrow. I went to church, at my new wonderful ward down the street at 11:00 AM. When I got home I took my Sunday afternoon nap and then got up and read all my emails. Afraid I couldn't respond to all of them I needed to but at least I'm caught up on my reading. There is much work to do. Haven't touched the IGI search yet but I plan on doing a little tomorrow. Right now as I sit in my half completed room it's kind of void of ancestors or spirits. Hopefully they make the transition over to this new house. Sure would hate to lose those old friends. I'm sure they will come again it's hard to do this work without them making themselves known. If your really into genealogy and have the spirit of Elijah about you, you will know what I am talking about. All right screaming, yelling and having hissy fits isn't conductive to letting the right spirit in a room. Hopefully I will be forgiven due to my incredible amount of stress I am under and be sets to rights again.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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