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30 April 2006 @ 10:26 pm
I was so tired from yesterday that I overslept and missed church. In fact I didn't wake up until 1:00 P.M., I guess I really needed the sleep. I got up and looked at my Legacy program. I have been leaving it running the IGI Search feature overnight. Twice a day I stop it and close down and restart it so it wouldn't get anything funky going on. Don't know if it really needs me to do that but I just think I should. Out of my 12,000+ database it determined I have 8,931 people with incomplete ordinance information. Some of them I am finding are those without temples listed. I looked in the IGI results and they don't have the temple listed either. Just the date of the ordinance completed and no name. I'm terrible but when I've gone through all the names and can't find it I guess and fill it in. Is that terrible?! I just don't feel like having the program tell me they need their work done when they don't. My friend Teresa came over and sat with me a while and couldn't believe I was doing that. I crushed her opinion of my high standards.

Personally I know the works been done, it's not like I'm going to submit the name again just to get a temple place. OK, if you think this is a bad thing to do let me know. The real question is why is that information missing in the first place? The pattern I am seeing is the baptism temple place missing. Even on these old family group sheets it's missing. If I see an individual with the dates for baptism and endowment together with only the temple listed on the endowment - then I record the same temple for the baptism. I wonder why everything isn't showing in the IGI - I thought it was all there by now. I wanted to go by the earliest date I have and record that for the ordinance. Well this missing temple place has messed that plan up. Now I'm going for the earliest date with a temple code next to it. Some of these old dates off the long family group sheets aren't even in there for me to confirm it. I'm going by what appears the most official.

The other thing I have noticed is a lot of baptism and endowments done for deceased children (under the age of 8). I decided to start going by the dates given instead of just listing child. I'm not sure if they are coming up as incomplete ordinances because of nothing in their temple place field. I have to study the pattern more on that. So far it seems like the lack of a sealing to the parents is showing what's incomplete. I had one person that I wondered why they were in there as incomplete, all the ordinance dates and places where there. Then I realized it probably wasn't earlier because of the sealing to the spouse being filled in recently by me.

Right now I'm only finished alphabetically up to the Brock's. The IGI Search is ahead of me into the H's. I wonder how many days it will take me to do this project? Overall it hasn't been so bad. Kind of interesting to find new information. I've also been surprised to see some of the work done that I thought wouldn't be. It's really rather random who has had their work done. I had one family that their work was done and I felt so happy for them. I told my friend Teresa - they are happy now in my file that I have them complete. She thought OK, she's a little weird. I told her I will have this feeling at times when I look at people in my database and just know they have accepted the work we do for them. I don't need to be the one doing the ordinance for them to know of their joy. It's made known to me just as a confirmation that I'm doing the right thing.

My patriarchal blessing says "...you will experience great joy and happiness in this important work, and your kindred will praise and honor you for the work you do in their behalf." I don't think it's only talking about their temple work. I think it's also the time and effort I have in gathering and keeping their records. Just because they have had their temple work done doesn't mean I don't go any further with them. I want to gather histories on them help bring them to life for others. I want my database to contain all the information I can on them. So I think they are happy as I remember them. I felt that today I just clapped my hands for joy with them. This work is no neat - why don't more people get involved?

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrows is always another genealogy day!
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