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27 April 2006 @ 07:25 pm
I'm taking a break for a few minutes. Waiting for Legacy's IGI Search function to find me more matches to view. I am really liking this feature. I think it is much easier than what I have seen demonstrated with PAF Insight, both the new and older version of it. From the Legacy IGI Search I can view my matches. Click on a little box to save any "new" information to events. I can edit the individuals's information, add A.K.A's, write notes, edit the mother, father or spouses individual information. It's just a wonder to me what it is so capable of doing. I even found the little box to switch to a different spouse. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. This project right now doesn't seem that bad. (knock on wood) I wonder why I have been putting it off for so long?

One thing I keep forgetting to do is change the localities that come over from the IGI. Most are missing USA or not using four name places. I think I will just have to clean that up after wards.

I did discover something interesting. The IGI has the Mr. or Mrs. in the Prefix field. That made me stop for about an hour and change all my Mrs. Elizabeth Harris' to the Mrs. in the Prefix field and not in the given name field. I determined I would only change those I knew the given name that way. I don't want to put Mrs. Ralph Jones with Ralph as her given name. I think my women are happier that way in my file being known by their true given name. I would hate someone to put Mrs. Renee Zamora with my name as Mrs. Renee. OK, I know I'm a little weird on things I pick up on and fuss over but it just has to be done right.

I know some of you would just be happy putting in plain old Elizabeth with no last name, if not known, but I think that name looks awful lonely that way to me. I have to identify them better than that. The way I do it is by their husbands last name. Then they feel connected. After all they did probably use that name longer than their maiden name, whatever it was. So now my women are happy that have Mrs. as the prefix, "Elizabeth" as the given name, and their surname whatever their husband's was. I can feel them smiling down at me and very please now.

Ok, enough said - I see a lot more matches to view.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.
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