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18 April 2006 @ 06:22 pm
So I haven't posted for a while. I'm still very much alive here and working on my genealogy. I have been tired a lot lately and been sleeping all the time, but when I'm up I've been doing genealogy. I have my priorities in order! My current project is slow and kind of boring. Comparing my 1993 database to my current one making sure all my old information is in the new database. I sure hope I finish this project real soon. I did "discover" that my brother's wife Tami is related to us three different ways. She is my 9th cousin 1 removed, my 11th cousin or my 11th cousin three times removed.

I also found out that Heber C. Kimball is my 4th cousin 6 times removed and the prophet Spencer W. Kimball is my 6th cousin 4 times removed. That reminded me of an interesting experience I had many years ago about 1993. I was working at a family history center and the night before my shift I had this dream. I was back in Queensbury, NY at my parents home. I heard a truck pull into the driveway. I looked out the window and it was an old truck with an older couple in it. It was Spencer W. Kimball and his wife Camilla. I was so surprised to see them and wondered what they were doing there? They came into the house. They weren't dressed up but wearing very comfortable clothes. I think Spencer W. Kimball was wearing a cowboy hat, jeans and a plaid shirt. They stayed for a while and my parents and I just sat and talked with them. It was like being with family. After a while they left and it was sad to see them go but I knew I would see them again. Then I woke up.

I thought it such a peculiar dream and wondered what it could mean. I went later that day to serve at the family history center. It was slow so I decided to take a look at Spencer W. Kimball's genealogy. I followed his line back and realized we had a common ancestor so we where related. That was such an interesting discovery because my parents where the first in their families to join the church so we didn't have any "pioneer" ancestors.

I guess you never know who is related to you.

Well see ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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