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03 April 2006 @ 11:16 pm
Well maybe not Top Secret but I have finished coding my databases. If you've read my earlier blog articles you will recall that I am preparing my genealogy databases for the new LDS Family Tree when it comes out. I want to combine my four separate genealogy databases into one file. Which I calculate will be under the 20 MB GEDCOM size limitation. With everything combined into one database it will be easier for me to update my submissions to Family Tree using my softwares built in UIDs.

This was a big project coding everyone by putting their relationship code in the User ID field of my Legacy program. I coded 11,724 people with 3,856 families with an average of 3 children per family. I wish some families had only 3 children! Seemed more like an average of 10 to me. It's all those couples without children listed that throw my numbers off. Right now my GEDCOMs have a total size of 8.1 MBs so I have room to grow when my files are combined. With the Church planning on increasing the capacity of the GEDCOMs as time goes on I should be in good standing all in all.

I really like what I have done with my files. My codes will help me later split my families when I want to share them. I have some surname studies in my files and I can now see who they are easier. The really neat thing to me was the feeling I got while I coded them. I recalled my near-death experience back in 1991. You can read about it on my website http://www.harrisena.com. Whenever I met someone I immediately knew their relationship to me like second cousin twice removed or 9th great-grandmothers 2nd husband's child. Now when I look at my people in my database I can see their relationship to me. Even for those that the program wasn't able to calculate but I could, like spouses and in-laws. This was the right fit for my genealogy I just know it.

Now I have to focus on the merging of my records. In a weird way I look forward to it, seeing where my lines come together. I have to spend time before I merge all the files together working on my Harris file, thats the biggest one. I've put off doing any merging on that line because it's so big and so many lines inter-marry. I'm sure I will have to do some recoding after that merging fest. Well it's off to bed and really for the big merge tomorrow!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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