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25 January 2006 @ 08:10 pm
I've decided I need a Genealogy Genie. Not to do my research or break down a few brick walls, but to help me get on my computer so I can get some work done. There are/were three computers in our house for a family of five people.

I had my computer in my computer room - that used to be the pantry. My daughter Marie bought one and has it in her bedroom. My son Garrett has/had one that was in his bedroom that he shares with his brother Phil. He shares the room not the computer. The problem is no one shares their computers in the family but me. My oldest son Phil doesn't have a computer so he uses mine. Lately it's been harder and harder to get him off my computer to let me use it. I ask you why does he have to use mine? Why can't he share with his brother. After all I paid for them. Why can't his sister let him use hers. I bought mine too, why do I always get the short stick?

My son Garrett's computer was dying and after buying a new motherboard, RAM, and power supply it still wasn't working. I finally had to break down and take it into the shop. Who knows how long that will take. I've been in-patiently waiting for his computer to get fixed. The problem is now I have two sons using my computer and I can hardly get on it anymore. I am going through major genealogy withdrawal over here. This is serious stuff!

It seems like I'm just into a very interesting genealogical moment and then I get the "I need the computer scream". OK, they are not screaming, it's a definite whine. "How long are you going to be?" - Hey, I'm thinking here, I can't time when I'll be done thinking. Genealogist need quite and peace to reflect upon the deep meaningful questions of life - Who are you? Where did you come from? What was it like in your time? And then I have to ask the same questions over and over for each child and spouse. I have important stuff going on here and I could care less if you get to play a game or look up a review on the latest movie out. I ask you what is a mother to do?

I wish I could cry to my Genealogy Genie and say "Fix this problem!" I've been so desperate I even went to the public library to work on their computer. But of course that was a major pain, all my resources are at home. I told my oldest son today, after he informed me it was his day off, that he should go to the library and use their computer. You would of thought I meant certain death to suggest such a thing as a public computer.

I made the mistake of complaining to my husband and he told me that he would like time to get on the computer too! Yikes, will this never end! How many computers does one household need? Genealogy Genie - where are you?

Well hopefully I'll see you tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day. (I hope I don't miss it.)
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