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30 December 2005 @ 02:15 am
Here's the latest word on Godfrey Memorial Library - right from their own mouths.

Attention Current and Future Godfrey Scholars.

There are BIG changes coming in 2006

* New Premium Sites!
* More Free Sites!
* A New Look to Our Home Page!

New subscribers will now be directed to our 3079 Portal where they will find new exciting materials. Veteran subscribers may keep using the 2079 Portal but they will be switched to the 3079 Portal as their subscriptions are due to be renewed, or they may switch to the new Portal anytime before that date.

We will be using the funds that have become available as a result of losing Heritage Quest to add new and exciting sites, many free, and many that we will pay contractual fees in order to obtain them.

Heritage Quest is available from many of the state and local public libraries at no cost. Quoting a recent comment from one of the Heritage Quest officials, "...we have over 2600 subscribing libraries with every state having several, if not all, public libraries having access.."

As of January 1, 2006, we will not provide HeritageQuest material as part of the 3079 Portal. As mentioned earlier, those that have already subscribed will be allowed to continue to use the Heritage Quest material until the end of their current subscription or December 31, 2006.

We have added over 40 new sites to the 3079 Portal with many more scheduled to be added in the next few days. We are in negotiation to add additional sites. Two sites that we expect to complete contractual negotiation are listed below.

We are saddened by the loss of Heritage Quest but we expect that our site will continue to be impressive with the thousands of resources that are available and with those that will be added in the future. We appreciate your continued support

* Introducing two new features you'll soon find on www.godfrey.org

American National Biography Online: This is the premier biographical work on people from all eras who have influenced and shaped American history and culture. You'll find profiles of more than 18,000 men and women from all walks of American life, the well-known to the infamous to the obscure.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online: Winner of the 2005 Dartmouth Medal, this work is an authoritative collection of 50,000 engaging, well-written biographies of the people worldwide who have shaped all aspects of British history. Highlights from this collection include both ancient and modern, from the explorer Pytheas of the 4th Century to the end of the year 2000 and the life of Princess Diana.

Thank you for your continuing support

Richard E. Black

Director, Godfrey Memorial Library
134 Newfield Street
Middletown CT 06457
(860) 346-4375
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