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22 December 2005 @ 03:41 am
It's 3 a.m. and I have just woken up and can't sleep. So many good genealogy things have been happening to me lately. Not only have I found several new cousins with lots of genealogy information to share; I have also found a child very interested in genealogy.

My daughter Marie has been so bitten by the genealogy bug that now she is "converting" her friends to do genealogy. Yesterday while she was working on her genealogy a friend came over to visit. Marie sat there the whole time working on her genealogy and practically ignored her friend. Every time I came into her room to answer some genealogy question I would pat her on the head and tell her friend she's just like her mother!

The other day Marie had me hurry home from shopping so I could teach one of her friends genealogy. The friend came with supplies in hand, all the records her parents gave her and the data on 5 1/2" disks. We tried to go to the FHC to convert the disks but the library closed early. So now that's on my to-do list. Thank goodness I know how and where to convert the disks.

My daughter is working on our royalty lines. Something I had lost when my discs went bad several years ago. I didn't feel the need to restore that information. Now Marie has taken up the torch and is recreating those lines. She has been working hard on the information. Even going on-line to find histories of her ancestors and pictures of painting and statues of them. It's all very fascinating.

It's just wonderful to see one of your children so bitten by the genealogy bug. I wonder if my father felt that way with me taking up the family genealogy after him? It's a beautiful sight to see the hearts of the children turn to their fathers and the hearts of the fathers turn to their children. (Malachi 4:6) I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present than that.

Well I'll see you tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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