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Well it's been an all nighter. I just had to finish merging and cleaning up my Weatherwax database. The merge went well. I did find more people to merge by comparing names in the index tab. I opened two copies of the same database in Legacy and then worked out who might be possible matches. I found several groups to merge that way.

The next step was to go over the marriage list first sorting by husbands and then sorting by wives. I found several people to merge this way. I had several mixed up families. I reviewed the submissions of others on Rootsweb to get a consensus of opinions. Once again it was interesting to see who copied submissions from others, just listing the source as someone else's gedcom who might of copied that from who know where. By systematically going through each member of the families in question I was able to discover quit a bit and add to my file. I put To-do items on a few people because they needed much more time than I could devote.

I ran potential problems on the people and cleaned up more that way. I was surprised by one way I found people to merge - it was through the sort order of children's list. I found two families that had duplicates individuals. I made sure all my localities and event addresses were combined.

Of course, throughout this whole process I made many backups of my database. I would often run file maintenance on my database. When I determined that I had everything taken care of I reset my rin numbers. Moving the highest rins into the lower blank rins. Then I purged the file of abandoned information and compacted it.

These are the stats of my merge. Originally I had 978 individuals in my database with 331 marriages. I added 924 individuals and 278 marriages. I merged together around 169 individuals and 42 marriages. My Weatherwax database now contains 1733 individuals and 567 marriages. This makes a total of 755 new individuals and 236 marriages. I took me about 10 days to complete.

After doing all this I had to then manage my backups. I made two gedcoms of my database, one complete and the other with living individuals information suppressed. The first goes to Rootsweb the other to Gencircles. I uploaded the new information to both. Then I cleaned out my older zip files. I left the past 6 previous zips of each database on my hard drive. Finally I deleted the old Legacy folder off my flash drives and loaded the new legacy folder so I have the current .fdb files, gedcoms and zip files on my flash drives. Before the deletion the folder contained abt 528MB, now it's 108MB, total for my four databases.

Now if I want to view my older records I will have to go back to an older CD and reinstall it. I was going to make a CD of my Legacy file before I deleted older stuff but I was brain dead at that point. It's not a problem because the last CD has the stuff I would want on it anyways. Besides that I also have a copy of my older information stored on my website and in my email folder.

Am I crazy about backing things up? You bet, once burned you never go back.

Well I need to get some sleep today so thats all for now.
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