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18 October 2005 @ 10:32 am
Well the big moment came. I was finally finished cleaning up the gedcom I got off Pedigree Resource File. What a big job that was! I think it took me about 9 days if not longer. Next time I think I might just manually type in what I want. But, using Legacy to merge the two files together might have me rethink that process.

I really enjoyed the process of combining the two files together. It was kind of an experiment for me. I wanted to use the drop and drag feature. So I opened up each file in the window using the split screen view. I just clicked and dragged my mother from one file to another. Then it asked me if I wanted to copy just the individual, the family, etc, etc, or the whole file. I chose to copy the whole file. I had 978 individuals and 331 marriages in my original file. I told the program to have the starting number of the newly added people at 980 and the marriages at 340. I added 924 individuals and 278 marriages.

Then it took me to merge. I played around with merge and found that I could in many places have the program add the different information into alternate names or events or even notes. I feel kind of stupid I didn't realize it could do this for me. I have been doing it the hard way, manually before. In just a few clicks I could make sure I didn't lose any differentiating information.

I am not done with the merge process. I am going through all the names and comparing them to see if I missed any. I am mainly checking to see if I have the names spelt different Weatherwax/Wiederwachs and seeing if there are any matches. You just never know when you will find a match. For example. Johann Andreas Wiederwachs could be Johann, John, Andreas, Andries, Andrew Weatherwax or Wiederwachs. There are so many ways to spell Weatherwax. On the primary name I use Weatherwax or Wiederwachs if they have alternate spellings, I make the primary name Wiederwachs and put the variation in the alternate field. I use that same principle with other variations of surnames. I decide on a primary name and all the other spellings go into the alternate name field. It makes it easier for me to find and control my people. It's only with the Weatherwax's that I have two different primary name spellings.

When I put my gedcom on Rootsweb all the variant spellings are searchable. So anyone typing in a different spelling should be able to find a match. In Legacy I can have the name index list the alternate names but I don't use it because it would be to confusing. With my system if Weatherwax is spelled different I just look under Wiederwachs. Simple for me, I just hope anyone else using it will think it is. I just wish that Legacy's IGI search was able to search for people using the alternate names. I think that will be my next step checking the IGI to see if the temple work is done or not.

Some of the other goals I have are checking all the cemeteries for Weatherwax's. (Of course not actually all of them, just in the locale NY area I am working in.) Then reviewing all the Weatherwax's on Rootsweb and Gencircles to make sure I have them. I have finally decided to stop recording people that do not show a relationship to me. I will just put in the notes who the parents are of the spouses and where to find more information on them. The same concept goes on some of the couple's children. The only exception to that is I am recording all Weatherwax's even if I don't yet know the relationship, same with Harris' in the Queensbury area and now the Jenkins line in the same area. I guess I've sort of done that with the Bentley's too, just because I'm trying to find a connection to my line. (I just feel it in my bones that the surrounding Bentleys to the Greenwich, Washington, NY area are mine.)

Well that's all for today. Tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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