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05 October 2005 @ 09:46 pm
Yesterday I went to the Family History Library in SLC. On the way there I stopped at KSL to pick up my free book from the Relatively Speaking talk show. It wasn't there. The receptionist said they would mail it to me. I hope I get it.

At the FHL I worked on trying to retrieve my data I submitted to One Great Family. Even though the FHL had OneGreatFamily as a free subscription I couldn't download my data. I wanted the notes. I found out even if I printed a copy of the family group sheet it wouldn't give me the notes. It was hit or miss on the notes and submitter information. Some notes wouldn't show at all or just parts of them. I tried to highlight and copy the notes into notepad. No go, it wouldn't let you copy them. I was so frustrated with them. I will never buy or submit anything to OneGreatFamily! I had to write in long hand my information I wanted to keep.

I did find my notes on my Mother's Weatherwax family. I couldn't remember how her siblings died. I found Loretta, she died of black ear syphilis, it was also called spinal meningitis. For some reason I had the same cause of death for Alice Elnora. I'm not really sure which is correct. The stupid program had mess up some of my entries. They would have the correct city and county and then the country was Morocco or Panama or something else stupid. What a screwed up program.

Rachel (a boy!, why they named him that I will never know), he died from drinking carbolic acid, used as horse and cattle medicine. Mable died while her sister Edna was carrying her on her back. Mable fell backwards and broke her back, and died. Paul died after punching out his time card at work, he had a massive heart attack.

After the FHL, Teresa and I went to Heavenly Hands and had massages. I had my free 30 minute massage, I canceled the extra 30 minutes for $25. I am so sore now, the guy did a fibromyalgia massage on me to relieve the trigger points and I am so sore from it. My neck hurts the most, he said it felt like there was a rock in it. Now it's swollen and sore. Teresa felt peppy and full of energy after hers. I felt so dizzy afterwards, I don't know what was going on.

Since I didn't have to pay for the massage, I went out to eat with Teresa. We went to Jim's Restaurant and ate breakfast for dinner. I had yummy pancakes, they were so good! On the way out I saw this Oreo Cream pie so I bought it for the kids. It was so good. Everyone wanted me to buy another one this morning. Needless to say I didn't, but wished I could of.

So today I am doing my data entry from The Settlers of Beekman Patent book. I am now a week overdue on the book and only on the M's in the index. I still have to compare the index to my other files. I don't have any idea when it will get done. I'm not finding much new today but at least I'm thorough.
Current Mood: soresore