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28 September 2005 @ 11:39 pm
Well after running around with different errands. One of which was to help my son Philip enroll in UVSC, only to find out we could do it from home. I had miscellaneous paperwork to get caught up on. Need to make a few phone calls on that before it's all done. My daughter Marie is getting flooded in her room from a leak in the kitchen. She got an electrical shock from it today, we have to hurry and fix that!

Well this evening I was finally able to put in some hours doing my data entry from the book "The Settlers of Beekman Patent". I entered 138 new individuals and filled out information on many others. I'm finished with the Bentley family, now I have to do the Brayton family information. Then it's back to searching the index to see if there is information on anyone else in my database. Doing this data entry has sure showed me that it's beneficial to look at all books in a series and not just the one surname I am looking for. You just never know where your family members will show up.

Normally I wouldn't of entered all the Bentley's into my Harris database. My mother's line in the Weatherwax database has Bentley's. It's just that I don't see the connection to my Weatherwax/Bentleys. I do have all the Bentleys from the book in my Harris database. Someday when I have all the data entry and temple work done I will combine the two files. Hopefully I can connect the two lines by then. I just "feel" that the Bentleys in "The Settlers of Beekman Patent" book are related to my mother's side and I didn't want to loose the connection and information, even if it is in the "wrong" database. I like people to connect together and not just float around in my databases.

Well I'm tired, time for bed. My Legacy program clock has been reminding me to go to bed since 11:00 p.m. It's just so hard to stop when your on a roll.
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