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I planned on doing my data entry today. I sit here now at the computer and am unable to do it. I am having fibromyalgia pain, it really stinks sometimes. I did get as far as doing file maintance on my databases. Everything came out fine. I created gedcoms, one for Rootsweb - has all the information showing. And one for GenCircle, that one I have to suppress living information. Rootsweb lets me suppress living information directly on their site. I had forgotten to update GenCircles. I don't think I ever updated it since I put it on-line. I think that was in 2002. Anyways, now both sites information is updated and current.

I have had several people recently tell me they found me through my GenCircle submission. I think GenCircle is google searchable while RootsWeb isn't. I will have to try that theory out on google sometime.

At least I was able to call the library today about my inter-library loan books, "The Settlers of Beekman Patent". The librarian said the state was very strick about not renewing interlibrary loan books. She asked how much longer I needed and I said a week. She advised me to keep it and just pay the late fine on it. That's not bad. I told her then the book will be late. So at least I have some time now to do my data entry, not much, but any extra time is a help.

Well it's off the bed for me. Hopefully this pain doesn't last long.
Current Mood: soresore
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