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23 September 2005 @ 08:41 pm
For the last couple of days I have been tired and in bed. I have fibromyalgia and that happens often. I did crawl out of bed on Wednesday and worked on a Humanitian Project for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS Church.) There was at least 240 people there if not a lot more. We made 14,000 hygiene kits to send all over the world. But I think mainly to go to the hurricane victims. With all of us working we did the job in 2 hours time. Because I can't stand for long I sat down and put toothpaste into a ziplock bag with some hand towels in it. Then it was passed down the line to several others to fill it with other personal items needed. I was so tired out after the two hours. I was in bed the rest of that day and Thursday. Today I ran errands and helped my son Phil out. So needless to say not much genealogy done.

The most I have done is responded to other email inquires. I have a new cousin Lisa Marcellus that found me I think from either my website or my information on RootsWeb. (She ties into my Harris line.) I just love getting new cousins. She is new to genealogy and is just starting to put her information into a database, using Cumberland Family Tree. I really don't know much about that genealogy program. I use Legacy Family Tree version 6, I just love it. Lisa will be sending me information in a gedcom when she has it prepared. That's exciting!

The other person that was new that contacted me was Richard W. Heiden, Ph.D. He is doing a historical piece on land use in the 1870's in the Paradox Lake region of NY on the property owned by Orrin Harris in 1865, in Schroon. He was wondering where to find some useful records if there are any.. e.g. pictures, newspaper articles, etc that I might have come across. I referred him to John Austin, I had found Orrin Harris through John's unpublished manuscript "Harris Family of Queensbury and Vicinity, 2002.

I did locate on the internet some information on the Palatines that will help me write an article on them for my website. My Weatherwax's are Palatine Immigrations of 1710, NY. That article is a work in progress.

I also received information back on two vendors I left information with at the FGS Conference in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago. One is for FamilySearch Indexing with the Church. They confirmed my volunteering to do indexing. I just need to pick a project to begin.

The other vendor was Family History Live On-line. Their goal is to help individual students have access to tools, instructors and even experts who can help make family history and genealogical research productive and exciting. I'm a potential FHLO instructor, I need to attend a on-line demonstration session, another item for my to-do list.

Tomorrow I am going with my daughter Marie to the Women's Conference in Salt Lake City. I just need to buckle down and get my data entry done on "The Settlers of Beekman Patent" book. It's due back on Sept 28th, not much time. I don't really want to photocopy the information if I can help it. I thought it would only have information on my Jenkins family, but it has other family in it to. I can see the need to look at every volume in the series. You just never know when a connection is made.

Well it's off to bed hopefully tomorrow I can get some data entry done.
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