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Family Tree Beta 2 Update

I received the following email from the LDS Church's Family History Department regarding Family Tree Beta 2.

Dear Beta Testers, It is time to start preparing for the second beta test of Family Tree, and we need your help. To have a successful beta test, we need to invite members with differing levels of family history experience. In our first beta test, most testers were family history center directors, consultants, and members who have done family history work in the past. The feedback we received from this group was just what we needed, but for beta 2 we need to expand the demographics.

 For the second beta test, we will invite most of the beta 1 testers to participate. And we are asking you to invite your friends and family who HAVE NOT significantly participated in family history work in the past. We have created a web site where you can add their names and e-mail addresses. We will send them a survey and give them the opportunity to participate as a beta tester.

 Remember, we are looking for members who HAVE NOT significantly participated in family history work. For example, people who do not use a family history software program such as Personal Ancestral File, who have never submitted a name to the temple, or who have never visited a family history center. Please don’t invite your friends who are active in family history, they will not be selected to participate. Since we are already inviting our testers from the first beta test to also participate in the second, we have all of the active family history enthusiasts we can include.

To invite your friends, please click on the web link below. It will open a page where you can add your friend’s names and e-mail addresses. This link will be available for a limited time, on a first come first serve bases. Once the available beta slots have been filled the survey will close.

 Thank you for your help in this important work,

 Beta Test Team

What does that mean? I not really sure if they are going to add any more enthusiasts at all to Beta 2. But here is a possible work around - find someone you know that fits the criteria, not having done family history in the past and see if they will participate. If they are picked they do need to use the system. Then if they are nice to you, you could have them sign in for you and let you play with the system. I still believe beta 2 is for LDS members only. So if you know someone that fits the above criteria shoot me an email at with their name and email address and I will try to sign them up. I will update this blog and let you know when the slots are filled.
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