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24 September 2006 @ 08:51 pm
That is if you’re a Family History Consultant for one of the LDS Church Wards/Branches or Family History Centers near you. While I was down at the Orem Call Center speaking with Lance McIntosh we discussed the need for all Family History Consultants to register on the new website created for them.

Right now only 10,000 consultants world-wide have registered. No one even actually knows the real number of consultants even out there. There is no limit on the number of consultants who can register by ward or branch. While I was visiting with Lance he helped me sign up. The process was really simple and anyone could do it.

First you sign into http://consultant.familysearch.org, more than likely you will be redirected but the consultant address is easier to remember. You then need to pick the language you want to register in. This will then send you to a quick survey page, which asks for your name, address, LDS Ward Unit number, and your LDS Membership number (which can be found on the back of your temple recommend). You can also get your Ward Unit number and Membership number from your Ward or Branch Clerk. Just don’t be like me and procrastinate doing that. Within the next couple of weeks of registering you should be sent an email with your username and password to the website.

Why do you even want to do this? Well the LDS Family & Church History Department are currently establishing a mailing list of all family history consultants to help keep us informed of the latest enhancements to their systems and procedures. (You can rest assured that all you information will be kept confidential and only used for Church related purposes.)

Not only will you receive weekly emails to help you in your calling. You will also have accessed to “ILS”, which stands for Internet Learning System at: https://lds.netdimensions.com/. There will be training sessions you can log onto and learn the ropes. Did you realize that learning “new FamilySearch” will eventually be part of the lessons? Each lesson tells you up front the expected length of time it will be to complete it, averaging about 5 minutes each. The lessons have the look and feel of the “new FamilySearch’s” Help Center. The layout seems clean and inviting. There are graphics and some voice over instructions. I am really anxious to get my username and password so I can play with it some more.

Some people have been concerned, when using the link to the website that they are not on an lds.org or familysearch.org address. No need for any concerns here. You will see different addresses the main one is “Net Dimensions”, they are one of the providers of products used by the Church.

If you have to update your information or ask a question about your registration you can send an email to familyhistory@support.familysearch.org. Make sure to put “Consultant registration” in the subject line of the email. If you believe you have already registered and are NOT receiving weekly emails contact support as well.

Another reason you might not be receiving your emails is that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) thinks the messages are spam and is blocking them. Check your spam or junk mail box. You can also change the settings with your ISP's email to
accept all messages coming from familyhistory@support.familysearch.org. This is the address from which the consultant emails are sent.

If you want to see and print all the family history consultant memos that have been prepared since they began consultant registration go to: https://help.familysearch.org/kb/Local_Support/en/Consultants/memos/consultantmemos.htm. Currently there are 36 of them all in PDF format.

Now don’t EVERYONE go out and sign up, unless you ARE currently a Family History Consultant. This system was designed to help the privilege few, or many, who knows how many LDS Family History Consultants there actually are out there! Go sign up and let’s find out.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.
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