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09 August 2006 @ 04:56 pm
Ok, now my current project is getting all the people in my database to have at least some estimated date on them, right. Before I estimate a date I've been looking on line for anyone that has them in their database already with a date. Don't want to estimate one when someone else might already show that information. Just hate to see a lot of random dates floating around out there for them. Anyways I just looked at my progress on August 1st I had 3,084 individuals with no dates. Today I have 2,927 without dates. You see I did a search and filtered all the people without birth or death dates. Then I did advanced tagging on them so I just have to go through my tagged list and see who still needs a date. Well this is all well and good but at the current rate I'm going getting dates on these people it will be 172 DAYS before I finish this project. I hate having it take that long.

I know I wasn't very productive each day on this project because I was helping my daughter get ready to go into the MTC. So maybe with more effort it will take lets say 150 DAYS, if I'm lucky - that's only 5 months from now. You know what, during this same time frame, of only getting dates on 157 people, I have added 194 individuals to my database. I just can't help myself adding more people when I stumble upon them, they are my relatives after all. So as you can see I don't know if this current project is helping me or hurting my efforts? I already have 13,529 individuals in my database that's way big enough for me.

I know it's important and I will finish this - hopefully before "new FamilySearch" ever comes out. Hearing about their frustrations makes me think I don't have anything to worry about there. That's really sad.

I thought I would share with you what I am putting as the source for everyone that I need to estimate a date for.

Source List Name: Estimated Dates
Type: Personal
Author: Renee M. Zamora
Title: This date was estimated by Renee M. Zamora using standard genealogical approximations.
Publication Facts: You may use standard genealogical approximations. From a marriage date, you can estimate birth dates. You can estimate that a man was married at age twenty-five and a woman at age twenty-one. You can also estimate that a first child was born one year after the parents' marriage and that subsequent children were born every two years after that. [A Member's Guide to Temple and Family History Work, pg. 12]
Detail: Based on Lena B. Harris' birth 1874 (I will put the individual and date that I am basing the estimation upon.)

My plan is if I ever want to go back to these estimated dates I can just search that source and see everyone that I did estimations on. Of course anyone looking at my database will see it's an estimation too. Well I better get back to work now. I have to stop early today to go to my nephews homecoming from his mission. I need to get 17 people's dates before I end for the day or my figures are way off again. I feel like I'm playing beat the clock!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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