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14 June 2006 @ 07:52 pm
Well, it's been a very unmotivating week so far. I've been in bed sleeping a lot. Seems like that goes in cycles for me. Having fibromyalgia is really the pits. I just made myself get up so I would be able to sleep tonight. I'm going to try and work on that new website I found with my genealogy on it. But, first like always I read my email.

I found the following off of Roots Magic's Newsletter

- New Free AniMap SiteFinder Online
Question: What do you get when you combine AniMap's SiteFinder with Google Maps?
Answer: A whole new way of "plucking and plotting"!  The makers of AniMap have introduced SiteFinder Online, a free web-based version of The Gold Bug's SiteFinder U.S. place name database.
SiteFinder Online lets you search for towns, cemeteries, schools, courthouses (and more) and plot them onto Google Maps where you can zoom in & out or overlay the SiteFinder locations onto satellite images of area you are studying. You can plot multiple items at once, or search for your exact point of interest.
To try SiteFinder Online, visit: http://www.goldbug.com/map/sitefinder.html

Now I've seen this before but today I decided to play with it. It's really cool. I love the hybrid option where you can combine the map with a satellite image. I just had fun trying to find places I remembered playing around at when I was a kid. I think it would be a great help while writing a personal history.

I have AniMap but not the new version AniMap Plus maybe I will have to upgrade to it. AniMap Plus software for Windows connects the SiteFinder database with an historical U.S. county boundary atlas so you can track locations as the county boundaries change over time. There can be some real benefits to having both options.

With all that said in done here's the bad news. AniMap SiteFinder doesn't appear to have as many locations available to look up. I tried my Harrisena and it couldn't find it. I then compared it to GNIS - Geographic Names Information System from USGS - U.S. Board on Geographic Names. Website: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=121:1:12591268998033041212::NO:1:P1_SHOW_ADV,P1_SHOW_FIPS55: Now that has Harrisena on it. I think you will have more luck there find obscure places. They also have the GNIS Database Interactive with Google map, and other map options. I use GNIS all the time looking for or verifying different locations.

The reason I would have for buying AniMap Plus is the ability to find county boundary information over historical time frames. The plucking and plotting options are fantastic for following locations. But if you want the freebie version for local time frames go with the GNIS website.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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