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26 April 2006 @ 09:54 pm
Well I had a good night sleep and woke up knowing I had to run all my people in my database through Legacy's IGI Search feature. I knew I had a lot of "missing" ordinances but I didn't realize how many. I have over 12,000 people in my database and I shows 8,944 with missing ordinance dates! I can't believe I have that many. Well, OK, I guess I can believe it. I knew I had tons to do the work for but I didn't realize I was that delinquent in my efforts. I guess I've been quilty of "Saving" my ordinances for family or myself to do. With this many people needing their work done, it will never get done. I wonder how many temples I could keep busy for how many years with all my family?

I'm estimating well maybe half of those with "missing" ordinances will have information found while I'm doing Legacy's IGI search. So far the odds don't appear that great. Am I hopeless or what?!! This is a major project, major, major, major! So while I'm writing this I have Legacy running my database against the IGI. It is quietly finding matches for me to preview. I just have to say isn't technology wonderful! I can't even imagine having to do this by myself one by one. I am so glad that Legacy made this function. Before they did I had to use PAF and PAF Insight to do this. Bought PAF Insight but never used it. My Legacy database didn't transfer really good going back and forth between programs.

At least to my defense a lot of those with "incomplete" ordinances are just missing the name of the temple the work was done in. I hope that accounts for a lot of them! I'm going to have to update my Legacy program. I keep having the IGI search have a run time error and shut down on me. Now that is major annoying. Hopefully there's a bug there that's been fixed. We can hope anyways.

Well it's back to my genealogy.
See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!
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