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17 February 2006 @ 04:11 pm
I just had it confirmed by the Church that there is no longer a need for Family Tree Beta 2 volunteers that are family history enthusiasts. If you are an enthusiasts and participated in Beta 1 you will get an invite to Beta 2. They have more than enough enthusiasts from Beta 1 rolling over to fit their needs for Beta 2. So if you are thinking of signing up through UVPAFUG to get an invitation it will not work. Sorry, but no invites are coming through them. There is no longer any need for more volunteers in the enthusiast category.

There is still a need for volunteers to test the system that have no genealogy experience at all. So, if you have a spouse, sibling, friend that is LDS that has not significantly participated in family history work they are wanted. They will have to take a survey to see if they qualify. They need to not have used a family history software program such as PAF or Legacy in the past. They should not of previously submitted names to the temple or visited a family history center. In other words no previous genealogy experience is required! The Church really wants these "greenies" to family history to help test the system. After all it needs to be user friendly for them.

So if your out of luck for beta 2 try to get a greenie with no previous genealogy experience to agree to participate in beta 2. Since Family Tree has a section called "Sign in to Help Someone Else" your greenie could use that to sign in for you. You would still be able to look at and play with the system. A word of caution your greenie could not give you their Sign-in information and let you use it. They must physically log onto the system with their id and then click the link to sign in and help you. This is a beta test and the Church is capturing keystrokes and will know if something is amiss. So find a greenie to genealogy, that fits the criteria, and shoot me an email with their name and email address and I will try to sign them up. I have a few more slots open. If you have been a beta 1 tester and have some invites you could share, to let greenies sign up, let me know.

So remember the greener the better for beta 2.
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