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05 November 2005 @ 05:15 pm
I thought I would tell you about a new website (for me) Family History Sharing Ideas. I learned about this website in my recent Executive Board Meeting of the Utah Valley PAF User Group (UVPAFUG - http://www.uvpafug.org). The website address for Family History Sharing Ideas is http://www.snapwood.com/familyhistory/. This site is a great resource for LDS members interested in Family History and Temple Work.

You could use this site if you are a family history consultant, preparing for a family history orientated talk, or just wanting to learn more about doing temple work. This is not an official LDS Church website - "Just Family History friends sharing ideas to help each other in furthering this great work!"

What you will find on this website:
1. Quotes - Various types of family history quotes. Love the quotes under "Assistance from the Other Side of the Veil".
2. Ensign Articles - 16 articles from the Ensign
3. New Era Articles - 11 articles from the New Era
4. "Friend" Articles - 14 articles from the Friend Magazine
5. Curriculum Lessons - 3 lessons from Curriculum Materials
6. Mormon Ads - 5 Mormonads (posters) and sayings from the New Era
7. Conference Talks - 15 Conference talks on Family History
8. Ideas - Various ideas shared by Family History Centers - 3 Vols. Ideas from Family History Fairs/Seminars/Conferences: has links to their websites and write up on the events.
9. Training - A must see! Free links to actual lessons on a variety of Family History related subjects. Links to Free Classes - 4 major resources. Other Helpful Links - Alan Man articles and presentations, Hispanic Helps, etc. Computer Helps - Links to Free PowerPoint Tutorials.
10. Other Resources - Additional Resources, more Family History Talks, Firesides, Devotionals, Articles, Center for Family History and Genealogy at BYU, Links to Genealogy Free Stuff - forms and charts, programs, etc. Instruction for using PAF Insight and Hispanic Help Links. Great Stuff!
11. Histories/Journals - Variety of links for writing your journal or personal history.
12. Leadership - Articles, Quotes and Tips for those in Leadership positions.
13. Priesthood - Ways for Priesthood Leaders to help promote Family History Work.
14. Music - 15 songs listed
15. Temples - Informative information on the Temple; the who, what, why and where of it all.
16. Strengthen Families - Various articles on Strengthening Families on this side of the Veil.

This is an excellent website. I encourage you to bookmark it and use it often; because tomorrow is always another genealogy day.

Address: http://www.snapwood.com/familyhistory/
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