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25 September 2005 @ 10:31 pm
Did I work on data entering from my book? The answer to that question is NO! I just found to many other things to do. I'm beginning to think I will have to return the book "The Settlers of Beekman Patent" and then re-interlibrary loan it. There is just to much information in it to copy it.

What did I do today? A lot! First I went to church and then I found out that a lady I visit teach, Mary Dean's husband Owen died last night. That was sad news. I went over to her home after church and spoke with her son Mike. The funeral is Friday at 11:00 a.m., the viewing is Thursday at Anderson Mortuary from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

After that I came home to a nice dinner made by Bill. I really like this recipe. He slices up squash, zucchini, onions and tomatoes, puts butter on top and cooks it. Then we had ground sausage and onions, we ran out of the green peppers to cook with it but it was good anyways. I ate my dinner while listening to Relatively Speaking with Irene Johnson a radio show on the internet. The link is http://www.utaham820.com/listen.php. I couldn't resist and I called into the show. Here is a copy of the email I sent to Irene about my comments.

I just spoke with you on the radio show. Here is the information on keeping a genealogy blog.

I use a free blog service called Live Journal. The address is http://www.livejournal.com. My blog is called Renee's Genealogy Blog http://www.livejournal.com/~rzamor1. The thing I like about using the online blog is that it is fully searchable. Google has a blog search engine at http://blogsearch.google.com/. You can choose to have your blog private and not searchable on the internet or only readable by invited people. You don't need to know HTML in order to create or add to your blog.

I plan on having my genealogy blog record all my activities on my genealogy, what I'm currently working on, various areas of interest. I want people that are researching my line to find me and contact me. Google's search engines are very quick your entries are searchable in no time at all. I had created a "Life History Project" with my relatives on my website at http://www.harrisena.com. I asked questions and recorded their responses, helping to create their life history. I realize now that I could of used a blog to create it and save myself so much work.

The other information I mentioned on your radio show was about BYU's Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL) testing NewsBank America's Obituaries - online. They have a 30 day trial (till 20 Oct 2005) of the database while considering them for acquisition. You can send your evaluations of it to Howard C. Bybee, Family History Librarian 2246 HBLL, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602 (801) 422-7661

This is an excellent resource for those researching family names for those who have had obituaries published within the last 20 years or so (depending on the newspaper).

The link is: http://infoweb.newsbank.com. It should be available from BYU campus locations.
Here are the instructions for its use:
1. On the clickable map of the U.S., click on the desired state
2. On the list of newspapers for that state, click the checkboxes on all or only those that you wish to search.
3. Fill in names in the search boxes. I have had success by putting an uncommon surname in the obituary text search box ONLY.
4. If the surname is highly uncommon, don't limit yourself to the newspapers of one city only. The person's passing may have been written up in other areas as well, around the country.
5. Highlight, copy and past the obituary information into your genealogy program's notes section.
6. In general, it works best to start a search with minimal search criteria and then to add more gradually as needed.

If your not a student, faculty or alumni you can access it at the Regional FHC at BYU. If you are at home using your RouteY try this link after the infoweb link. http://lib.byu.edu/trial.html It should require your BYU Net ID.

I really enjoy your radio show. I listen online even though I just live in American Fork. Could I have a copy of your free list of genealogy websites? Thanks for all you do.

Renee Zamora

After the radio show I watched a new series on KBYU about Joseph Smith. The name is "Joseph" The series portrays highlights from the life of Joseph Smith. It is a six-part series for more information on it you can visit their website at http://www.byubroadcasting.org

When the show was finished I finally tried to work on my genealogy. But of course I had to read my email before that. And what did I find but a new cousin. Laura (Flanders) Davis her great grandmother Martha M. Harris is my 7th cousin 4 times removed. She was looking for help in discovering her great grandfather John J. Flanders roots. I had the Harris info but not the Flanders line. I was really moved by her comment "I have come to an end and just can't fine the light."

I reviewed my sources and the notes I had on Martha and discovered that her husband John J. Flanders was in the Civil War. Boy are there avenues for my new cousin to explore. I recommended that she obtain his military records and pension file. But of course the quest was on for me now. I had to discover more, this is what I knew about him. John J. Flanders b. ca. 1845 Hadley, NY, d. 14 Mar 1897, Saratoga Springs, NY. John J. served in the Civil War. He enlisted in 1862, and was discharged in Jan. 1863 due to disability. He reenlisted in Dec. 1863 and served until 1865 when he was again discharged due to disability. After his death Martha applied for widow's pension.

After finding out so much on my great grandfather Andrew Weatherwax's Civil War service from Ancestry I decided to try there again. With my great grandfather I knew what regiment he was in from his tombstone. With John J. Flanders I didn't know that. The quest is on!

This is what I found: Ancestry.com has two listings in the Civil War Service Records for a John J. Flanders.

Name: John J. Flanders
Company: G
Unit: 118 N. Y. Infantry
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: Private
Allegiance: Union

Name: John J. Flanders
Company: G
Unit: 16 N.Y.H. Art'y.
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: Private
Allegiance: Union

The pension application record does give both above listings as his service record with widow Martha M. Flanders.
Date of Filing - 1869 Apr. 3 - Invalid
Date of Filing - 1897 Apr. 6 - Widow

Ancestry's American Civil War Soldiers Record have the following on him:

Name: John J. Flanders
Enlistment Date: 08 August 1862
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Unit Numbers: 1377 1377
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 08 August 1862 at the age of 18.
Enlisted in Company G, 118th Infantry Regiment New York on 30 August 1862.
Discharged Company G, 118th Infantry Regiment New York on 14 January 1863 in Relay House, MD

The next listing for him is:
Name: John J. Flanders
Enlistment Date: 25 December 1863
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Unit Numbers: 1342 1342
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 25 December 1863 at the age of 20.
Enlisted in Company G, 16th Heavy Artillery Regiment New York on 05 January 1864.
Discharged Company G, 16th Heavy Artillery Regiment New York on 07 July 1865 in Troy, NY.

That was pretty exciting stuff to find. But I couldn't leave the story there. I had to see if I could locate his cemetery record. I looked at the Saratoga NYGENWEB site to find the cemetery listings for Saratoga Springs. There were several cemeteries. I don't know why but I just looked at the name Maplewood Cemetery and I thought "He's buried there" I looked and sure enough there he was, also his wife and several children. I got to add new info to my genealogy! Yippee!

I also referred Laura to the Stony Creek Historical Association to see if they could help locate Edythe L. & David C. Haskell the authors of the book "Captain Seers Harris of Plainfield in Connecticut" That was my original source on John J. Flanders.

So it was a successful genealogy day, even if I wasn't really working on my immediate line. Always nice to find new relatives. Well let's see if tomorrow I actually do what I have as my goal. DATA ENTRY genealogy from the book I have to return on the 28th, there are only 1206 pages and I'm on page 548. Better get my sleep because tomorrow better be a busy genealogy day.
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