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20 September 2005 @ 08:56 pm
The picture posted here is the Harrisena Community Church in Queensbury, Warren, New York in the Community of Harrisena. I grew up down the road from it. Many wonderful hours were spent exploring the old cemetery there.

I had so much planned today, but everyone in my family needed me for something. (I am so tired!) Of course, my family comes first, otherwise genealogy would be a pointless project. After all who would care about family if their own family was crappy to them. I am going to post an article I wrote in the September PAFology. PAFology is the newsletter for the "Utah Valley PAF User Group" (UVPAFUG) that I belong to. It's a genealogy group that got started helping people use PAF but they have branched out to include several other programs. It's a wonderful organization. Their website is http://www.uvpafug.org. It is devoted to fostering the use of technology for family history. I am the recording secretary for the organization. You can get an electronic version of their monthly newsletter for $10 a year. Here is my article on TreePad.

TreePad - Why I’m Better Prepared

by Renee Zamora

Have you ever had a hard drive crash or needed to reformat your hard drive? Well then you already know what a pain it is to lose all your favorite websites stored on your computer. I had this happen and I thought, well next time I will have them all stored in a MS Access database. I created the database but never could get it to function just right. I finally stumbled onto my solution, a different program altogether. And the best thing about it, it was FREE.

The program I am talking about is TreePad. It is as easy to use as Windows Explorer. You can find this program at www.treepad.com. TreePad is a Personal Information Manager (PIM), Search Engine, Web-site Generator, Word Processor, eBook creator, and Photo Album all rolled into one versatile, portable, compact, powerful program. I have created many different TreePad databases. I have one that I store all my favorite genealogy links in. When I receive a recommendation on a site I can save the site description, hyperlink, along with any username and password I might need. I use the free add-on utility to easily create an eBook of all my genealogy links. I then store it on my flash drive, and can look at these links anywhere, at anytime on any computer with a USB. This is great for referencing a site while at the library.

I found TreePad is also great in storing all my emails. I now have an Email TreePad database. In this Tree-structured Organizer I created nodes for each family line I am working on. Below the family line I have branches (nodes) for each person I correspond with, and then I store the email by the date emails received. No need to put in subjects or titles. I can use TreePad’s wonderful search feature to locate any email I am looking for. For example, I once stumbled upon the name of a researcher that sounded very familiar to me. With the search function I was able to quickly determine how I knew the name of the researcher. I could just put in their name and find all references to them and all correspondence and quickly see common lines working on. It’s a wonderful feature. Now if only someone would do that for the faces I recognize but not the names!

TreePad is a wonderful program; it does so much and yet takes up so little space. You can store the program and your data all on one disc. After two years my email database outgrew one disc but the flash drive works great. I did purchase TreePad Plus so I could include Photo’s and Tables into my database. It’ll even generate complete, structured web sites automatically from your formatted nodes. No HTML required.

One nice thing that TreePad offers is a whole slew of Free Utilities and Conversion Utilities. You need to check them out, there is one that will convert your Netscape or Explorer bookmarks into the TreePad files. The latest one I found is GED2TPD a GEDCOM to TreePad conversion utility. It will also generate CSV files for loading into Microsoft Access or other database tools. That one does cost $10.00, with a 30-day trial version. To see what it can create go to http://tinyurl.com/ey9fj. With TreePad I am more organized and better prepared than ever. I hope you enjoy TreePad as much as I do.
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